Surf camp shuttle service

Regular shared shuttle transfers from Bordeaux Airport, Biarritz Airport and, Dax train station direct with stops at Moliets, St Girons and other destinations.

Please find below our current available shuttle options. There will be more added as and when we get requests and availability.

  • When booking a shuttle seat, please make sure that your arrival and departure flight/train times are correct so that we can organise every transfer so that waiting time is kept to a minimum for all passengers.
  • Please provide the flight/train ARRIVAL or DEPARTURE times. We will make sure you get to and from your destination with sufficient time to check in or account for any delays or mishaps.
  • If you arrive the day before the shuttle, please put your flight arrival date as the date of transfer but set the arrival time as 00:00 and please state in the comments that you arrived the day before so our office and drivers have all information necessary.
  • When booking a return shuttle back to the airport or train station, please put in your flight/train departure time and our system will automatically calculate your pickup time from your accommodation. This pickup time will be an approximation and you will receive a final confirmation email including your pickup time at approx 20h on the evening before travel so please be aware and look out for your most recent email from us, even whilst you're on holiday!
  • You will receive an SMS on the evening before your transfer which will include your pickup time and your driver's telephone number. Use this telephone number only for calls about your specific shuttle and if you need to inform your driver of any delays. For all other queries, use our main office number which can be found on the homepage.
  • Please be at the designated pickup zone at least 10 minutes before your departure time to keep others from waiting.
  • For outbound transfers when arriving by flight, our drivers have everybody's arrival details and flight numbers and our office tracks all flights to anticipate any delays. However, if you know you are delayed, contact your driver or the office ASAP to notify us.
  • For flight arrivals that are close to the shuttle departure time, please check with the office when booking and we will do what we can to keep your waiting time to a minimum.
  • Our drivers have a margin of roughly 45minutes (sometimes longer) to wait for delayed flights or delays getting through security/baggage collection
  • Please be aware that if you are at the meeting point on time and the driver is also there, there may still be a slight delay in departure to collect others that have been delayed.
  • If you are delayed, please notify us at the earliest opportunity and get to the meeting point as swiftly as you can.
  • Our aim is to get everybody from their pickup point on the reserved transfer and not leave anybody behind due to unavoidable delays.
  • If you miss your transfer due to a flight or train delay, we will do everything we can to get you on the next available shuttle that day.
  • For your return transfer, our drivers only have a waiting time of 10 minutes as other people on the shuttle may potentially miss their flight.
  • A missed transfer will be considered a "no show" and will not be refunded.
  • When booking seats on the last departure of the day we cannot wait all night for delayed passengers, so we will try and accommodate all late arrivals but as there are no more shuttles scheduled that day in extreme cases, we may not be able to find an alternative on that day.